Self-paced, 2-hour, micro-course

As you explore whether to join your family business for your career, Professor John Davis––the world’s authority on family enterprise––thoughtfully guides you through a methodical decision-making process for this important life choice.

Whatever your situation, much is at stake for you, your family, and your family company with this career decision. As you likely have already experienced, career and professional decisions in a family business tend to blend together with emotions, family dynamics, and personal aspirations. 

Your career decision feels complex because it is.

This decision process requires that you be analytical, respectful, and take responsibility for this life choice. Use this course to do a full analysis of your situation, and make a clear, well-reasoned choice about whether to join the family business.

This course guides you through an introspective and carefully managed process to arrive at the right career decision for you and your family business. It includes tips on what factors to consider, how to sort through complexity, how to ultimately make your decision, and what to do next once you’ve reached a decision.

Taught by Professor John Davis 

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